The name Widikum is full of history and significance. To many, it is the symbol of a great people; the people of the Widikum Ethnic Group. To others, it is simply a clan; the Widikum clan located in the palm valley along the fertile banks of river Momo, in North West Region of The republic of Cameroon. Others only remember Widikum as the headquarters of Widikum subdivision. The importance you give to the name Widikum will depend on the following: The degree of your fidelity or affection to the ancestral home; the roots of the Widikum people which is located at Eguni ...

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Widikum Awareness Forum

The Widikum Awareness Forum have compiled a detailed brochure outlining some of the challenges facing the Widikum people in this modern times. This brochure is a precious working document for all sons, daughters and wives of Widikum. Its main objective includes the following: 1. To present in a photographic form the Widikum of today with its weaknesses and strengths in order to challenge the ...

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Brief History

Oral Tradition holds that Widikum people originated from a hill near the villages of Bamben and Numben. Egun Oyimi is generally accepted as the ancestral home of all Widikum speaking people found in Momo division, parts of Mezam, Lebialem, Manyu, Menchum, Menoua and Bamboutus divisions. As far as Widikum subdivision is concerned, out of ...

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If you have any information that you want added to this website, please do not hesitate to contact me, and i can make it happen. (email: webmaster@widikum.info) Be it Birthdays, Christenings, ...
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