Sports & Leisure 2011

The sports and Leisure competition kicked off on the 3rd of July 2011, and concluded on the 28th of August.

The cup was donated by Mr Nkonda Callistus, who is also the current Vice principal of GBHS Widikum.

The Trophies & Medals:
Both the Handball and Football trophies were all brand New, procured from London. The trophies were procured in advance, to make sure it was ready in Widikum before the start of the competition.

This competition in Widikum was the first ever to hand out Winner’s Medals to the Champions.

The Footballs and Equipments:
The Competition was also supplied 13 footballs, all bought and shipped from London. By the end of the competition, only 4 balls survived, and 9 were damaged from wear and tear. The referee whistles and football pumps were also supplied.

The Finals:
The Football final was played between Mayoka Boys from Tikom, and the Climbers of Upper Widikum. The match ended 1-1, and after exra time, the match went to Penalties. The Mayoka boys from Tikom eventually won the penalty shootouts, and were crowned Champions of 2011.

The Handball Finals was won by the Veteran Ladies.

Special Thanks:

The success of this cup competition was achieved as a result of sponsorships from
The Cup donor: Nkonda Callistus
Nkonda Titus
And all the Widikum people

These are just some of the videos on our youtube channel.. Follow us and watch our channel on youtube:

One Response to “ Sports & Leisure 2011 ”

  1. Atah Joe says:

    Thanks to our son and brother Titus Nkonda for designing this website. What a great way of giving back! Thanks and congratulation to you Pa. Calistus Nkonda for the sponsorship and all who helped make these games possible. Congratulation to the finalists and “Horrah! to the champions. God willing we can make it a yearly event.

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