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This website is built and maintained by myself, Titus Nkonda, a proud son of the soil. Born in Widikum in 1984, I spent my early years attending Catholic Primary School Widikum, and Later attended the former Government Secondary School (GSS) Widikum (now GBHS Widikum).

In 1999 I left Cameroon for London, Where I had an opportunity to expand my knowledge in technology and sciences. After GCSE and A’ Levels at the Holy Family Technology College London, I attended Queen Mary University of London, where I achieved my masters in Computer Engineering.

I am currently serving as a Weapon Engineer with Her majesty’s Royal Navy.

Programming is part of what I am trained in, and I am good at. Web design and web mastering is a skill that I picked up along the way, and a hobby. I have great love and pride for my culture, hence why I dedicate whatever time I can spare, to work on this website amongst others that I am responsible for.

It was a great honour returning back to Widikum in August 2010, after almost 11 years abroad. I was also very proud to have participated and assisted in the success of the Widikum Youths and sports event of July/august 2011.

My activities and efforts in Cameroon involve encouraging the youths to engage in technology and helping the general public appreciate the importance of technology. My efforts with NNTechnology takes it a step further, by working to make latest technology available, accessible and affordable.


Special thanks to the Wisikum Awareness Forum, for providing the informtaion featured on this website. Special thanks also go to Mr E. Oteh, for the history lessons and encourageents.

Please send your feedbacks to webaster@widikum.info


Special thanks to

The Widikum Awareness Forum,

Mr Emmanuel Oteh,

Mr Nkonda Callistus,

Atteh-Widikum Torch bearers

NNTechnology (www.nntechnology.com)

YCW Cameroon (www.ycwcameroon.org)

And all the people of Widikum

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