Cultural Revival – Plan of Action

Culture either grows or it dies. As far as cultural revival is concerned, the committee proposed the following plan of action:

  • The census of all aspects of Widikum culture per family and per village.
  • The preservation of existing cultural heritage (through photos, films, books, museums etc).
  • The promotion of Widikum culture through the organization of cultural festivals, Radio and Television programs, Exchange Cultural Visits, the award of prizes for cultural excellence etc.
  • The revival of fast disappearing aspects of our rich culture
  • The harmonization of culture within the Widikum clan and Ethnic Group
  • The creation of symbols that identify the Widikum people (Anthem, flag, dress etc).
  • The promotion of the Widikum language
  • The modernization and simplification of death celebrations.
  • The revival of the Widikum traditional clan council

The Awareness Forum (cultural committee) has proposed the following strategy relating to our cultural revival:

A/ .Widikum development and cultural association (WIDECA). WIDECA should create and finance the following committees within the framework of the Widikum Awareness Forum.

  1. Cultural Census Committee.
  2. Cultural preservation Committee
  3. Cultural promotion Committee
  4. Cultural Revival Committee
  5. Cultural Harmonization Committee within the Widikum Ethnic Group
  6. Modernization and simplification of death celebration committee. Each committee will prepare a calendar of work and submit periodic reports to the Awareness Forum. The Awareness Forum will examine the various reports and submit concrete proposals for action by WIDECA
  7. Committee in charge of visits to our ancestral home

B/. Family cultural revival. Each family should:

  1. Carry out a census of its Cultural heritage
  2. Revive family dances and other aspects of culture
  3. Promote the Widikum language
  4. Encourage marriages between sons and daughters of Widikum origin. They should submit annual reports to the Awareness Forum on the work accomplished.

C/. Patronage. Elites and well wishers should be contacted by various cultural groups for financial and material support.

D/. Organization of annual cultural festivals by WIDECA. Annual cultural festivals will be instrumental in promoting the spirit of competition, love and unity among our people. They shall be organized at three levels: clan; Widikum people from Widikum, Batibo, Ngie and Mbengwi subdivisions; the Widikum Ethnic Group.

E/. Organization of classes to teach the Widikum language, anthem and other aspects of Widikum culture by WIDECA

F/. The construction of village palaces and museums

G/. The creation of the following structures:

  • -Widikum youth Association
  • -Widikum Women Association
  • -Widikum Senior Citizen Association
  • -Widikum Traditional Dance Association
  • -Widikum Traditional clan Council.

As already mentioned, any culture that is not dynamic either disappears or it is assimilated by other stronger cultures. There is also the need to harmonise our culture with that of the other people of Widikum origin. We are one people with the same origin, history, culture and destiny.

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