Traditional Justice

Three methods were used to ensure traditional justice:

1. The Village Council.

Disputes that could not be settled by the quarterhead were referred to the village council. Decisions taken were based on honest findings and the truth.

There was no place for a defense counsel.

2. Medicine Swearing

When the decision taken by the village council does not satisfy both parties, they can request for the swearing by special traditional medicines. The party that swears by such medicine in bad faith usually suffers from mysterious illnesses and misfortunes.

3. Catching the Squirrel.

Another method used to discover the truth was to request that the accused party should catch a squirrel in a special forest.

4. Other methods include:

-          Proving your innocence by the use of extremely hot palm oil. The hot palm oil is either poured on the accuseds’ bare hands or the accused is asked to remove a piece of iron from a pot full of boiling palm oil.

-          Pulling of specially prepared leaves by the accused and the defendant. The conclusions are drawn depending on whether or not the pulling exercise which looks like a tug of war ends up with the leaves still intact or separated.

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