Traditional Heathcare

The study of Widikum traditional health care includes the following aspects:
Before the introduction of modern medicines in Widikum, illnesses were treated by traditional healers or doctors. The area of specialization included:
-    Madness
-    Fractures
-    Snake bites
-    Difficult delivery
-    Poisons
-    Epilepsy
-    Coughs
-    Malaria
-    Blindness
-    Paralysis. etc

Among the many traditional doctors, are the following: Papa Michael Nkor, Papa Jacob Anjei.

1.    Preventive Medicines
These were medicines used to drive away evil spirits from Widikum villages. They include: Ifam, Maokia, Ebasi, Ikanoki etc

2.    Health Investigation
Traditional health investigation required that the patient should consult a fortune-teller (Ngambe). The science of fortune telling is yet to be studied and documented.

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