The Widikum Road Construction

The state of the Widikum Road during August 2011 was really bad, in fact, I would say it was deplorable. As we know, there are Chinese contractors currently working on the road, that will link Manfe to Bamenda through Widikum.

The digging of the new road has eroded many trees, and caused landslides that cut off Widikum from Bamenda. Many people who had business in Widikum cancelled as a result of bad roads. I was determined, having travelled all the way from London to Bamenda, I was determined to get to Widikum.

After Paying my 2,000 FCFA fare at Moghamo park, I jumped on a cramped bus that was bound for Widikum. On an ordinary day, the 2,000 FCFA Fare was enough to get me to Widikum Motor Park. But this was not an ordinary day. It had rained heavily the night before, and a landslide made it TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for cars to pass through. Not even a 4wheel drive could make it through.

When we got to the scene of the landslide, we were asked to jump off the bus.. the driver shouted out “All man for himself”. Luckily, I had help crossing what was then called “borders”. It was like crossing from one country to another, on foot. The total distance was about 2miles, but the terrain was really bad. The ground was soggy, and slippery. We had to descend to a valley, cross over a small stream, and then climb back to “the other side”.

Thanks to modern technology, I was able to call my brother, who hired a private car to pick me up from the “borders”. It was a perilous journey, especially coupled with the fact that I had just undergone knee surgery 5 weeks before travelling to Cameroon. But I was well prepared. I had my High leg Combat boots (military specifications).

These are just some of the pictures that I took on my way to Widikum.

By the time I returned to Bamenda (5 days later), the road was passable, although I still had to climb on a bike from Widikum to Batibo, and then took a car from Batibo to Bamenda.

These are just some of the Challenges Widikum is facing at the moment, but thank God, the Road construction is on schedule, and we are looking forward to a new tarred road through Widikum, by the end of 2013.

Personal experience (Widikum august 2011) Titus Nkonda

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