Widikum Anthem

1) Eyirikum Akua azah 2*

Eyirikum mba wumoh weh 2*
Eyirikum fami bo-o mbe
Ino – o acho ipee a ko – oh

Chorus: Beri Baforchu, Beri Bamumbu, Beri

Ame – amba (raise the voice)
Beri Angie, Beri Outah, Beri Njikwa
Ame – amba

2)    Eyirikum Atchie ze beh
Eyirikum no – oh angweni, weti boh mbe
Eyirikum feti bo – oh mbe, ino – oacho ipe a
Ko – oh

Chorus: Beri Moghamo, Beri Banja, Beri
Ame – Amba
Beri Isimbi, Beri Azem, Beri Mbu
Ame – Amba.

3)    Widikum our fatherland
Widikum I love you so I do
Widikum our father’s tomb
I pledge to work for you.
Widikum, my Widikum, my Widikum above all
Widikum, my Widikum, my Widikum above all

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