News From Widikum APRIL 2012

I have just returned from Widikum – with some good news. The road work is almost complete. The road from Widikum Market all the way to the south west region is complete, remaining only about 3 miles of road between Widikum and Tiben.

Journey time between Bamenda and Widikum is about 80 minutes, and a bus Ticket will cost 1,500 FCFA. People estimate that upon completion of the road, people will be able to travel between Widikum and Bamenda in Under 80 Minutes, spending just about 1,200 FCFA.

This is a huge difference, compared to a few years ago, when the same journey would have taken 10 hours, at a cost of 10,000 FCFA (if you were lucky to see a vehicle willing to make the journey).

10 years ago, the Widikum people were isolated due to lack of a road. Many people could not even travel to Bamenda to collect their salaries. Sick patients had to wait till market days to get transport to Hospitals in Batibo/Bamenda. Younger people travelled to Batibo on foot, a journey that is by no means easy.

In the Wet season, the road was so bad, such that vehicles got stuck in the mud, and needed the passengers to get out to push/pull the vehicles free.

I visited Widikum from 13th till 15th April 2012. While in Widikum, I took a few hours to walk round.. I visited the market, where there were crowds of people buying and selling all sorts. There has been a lot of work to revamp the market, but it still remains too small, over crowded, and lacking in some basic necessities such as toilet facility, sheds and clean environment for restaurants.

Generally, the market serves the purpose, but much more needs to be improved.

I also visited the Catholic health centre, which remains a blessing to the Widikum people. The standards are high, including care and cleanliness. On a sad note.. It was sad to see so many sick people, especially my uncle (Ata Inok Ndum) of Tikom. I was happy to have dialogue with him, although the discussion was not pleasant. He informed us that he was dying from internal ulcers. The doctors would not operate, due to his age (about 80 years old).

Unfortunately, I did not travel to Widikum with my camera this time, but Mr. Nanji Terrence has gladly sent me 1 pictures of the Widikum road. The pictures were taken in February 2012, and much has been done since then.

Widikum Road in 2009

Widikum Road in 2009

Widikum road - Remember this?

Widikum road - Remember this?

Widikum road work - Under Construction

Widikum road work - Under Construction

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One Response to “ News From Widikum APRIL 2012 ”

  1. GHETTO says:

    i am really happy with the current events taken place in our lovely home town widikum.Gone are the years of suffereing of the widikumians,we are now linked to the world agian by our pertrotic brother,the webmaster,Titus Nkonda may God reward u.

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